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Friday, 20 January 2012

Dear Lelly, I am stuck at home this afternoon as you are very poorly with a sick bug. This has let me catch up on a bit of admin (as we mummies call sorting through school letters and searching the internet for offers on eating out and Boden). I know this is incredibly mean, as you are so enthusiastic about writing letters and reading, but I have to point out that this was hilarious. So sweet of you to leave a little note for Father Christmas, and so funny. Thank you indeed.

Friday, 23 December 2011

The Meaning of Christmas (Etc)

So, I had such plans for a Waltons esque Christmas - I'm off work, you guys have finished school - I'm not sure if you can understand how much Mummy plans things, and then gets a bit disappointed when they don't go quite to plan....
Writing cards - I see us all sitting down, signing our names, licking and sticking envelopes. Obviously, I forgot that one of you has difficulties writing for long periods, one of you can't spell (combined with being a perfectionist and unable to guess) and one of you is only four. So, in fact, it's just me writing cards and you lot dictating names and messages. Less fun.
Seeing Santa - Monster, I am SO embarrassed. There's lovely twinkly Santa desperately searching the room for something that you will accept. Have you no shame? Or fear of Santa getting fed up? Hours, we were there while the poor man offered one thing after another. Thank goodness he had hidden some cars under his chair.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Father Christmas

Darling Lelly, I love your letter to Father Christmas. It is very polite, and very nice (not the three page double sided job your brother turned in last year) but....where will Father Christmas find
a turn back potion (I know your little friend has threatened to order a 'turn into monster' potion from Father Christmas but you probably don't need to worry.)
the best shoes in the world
a street made of real gold
Lion, elephant and monkey potions
I suspect the last requests may be an attempt on revenge for possibly being turned into a monster, but even so. Next year, I will show you the Argos catalogue.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Christmas Spirit

So, you little ones have no idea of how much I love you. I love you so much that today I left work early, and drove a 60 mile round trip to the only shop in the world still stocking your future Christmas presents. I cannot tell you how worried I was that I would leave the carrier bag on the counter.

I just really really really hope you don't kick off on Christmas Day about it not being a coin maker.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Update! Sorry kids - you'll have to guess what I was thinking for the last month...

So, where were we? Last post, appropriately enough, appears to have been on the anniversary of my father's death. I still can't really think about that - he's been locked up in a little box in my head for the last twenty something years - far too sad for me to talk about. Even now,I'm a bit teary typing.

Thing's are getting back to normal after poor Granny's death. I hope, for Granny's sake, that you guys keep a piece of her in your hearts. Even if it's just the memory of the odd cheque arriving 'for the children' and then us all having a day out, plus food in a cafe, rather than yet more sandwiches.

Lelly, maybe you could try to remember that although, yes, it is lovely for Baby Whitehouse that Granny can now take care of him, you should try to keep that thought in your head. It is nice to know that your guinea pig will be well looked after in Heaven, but possibly we would have liked Granny to stay here a bit longer. I'm sure there was an animal loving angel with a bit of free time already feeding him.

Secretly tho, and maybe you'll get this when you are a bit older, I hope so much that my dad and Granny are catching up.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Horrible week...

Hi guys, and sorry not to have written to you recently. What a horrible few days this has been. Mummy is really sad about Granny dying, and I am so proud of you for drawing the pictures for her coffin. I'm sorry I was a bit snappy at first - it was the last thing you could do for Granny, and I was a bit surprised that you thought she would like sheets of paper covered with animal stickers and glue. Your second attempts were gorgeous - Number One Son, you made me cry with your instructions to God to be good to Granny.

It seems like Daddy did a really good job while B and I were away - pizza boxes not withstanding!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Birthday surprises

B - I really wish I could show you all the cute stuff we bought yesterday to do your room! After you said you'd like it done for your birthday, Daddy and I went shopping and chose paper, bed linen and it's all hidden away. I really want to show you! See, grown ups get excited too!